Foodie or finicky? Why kids love our menu

Foodie or finicky? Why kids love our menu

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When our family first opened the Bistro, one of our biggest priorities was to create a place where adults and kids could enjoy dining together. We wanted to give you a relaxed environment like the one the six of us grew up in, where a meal was an opportunity to enjoy not just comforting food, but also conversation and laughter. So we’re thrilled when parents tell us that the Bistro is a place where their kids like to eat as much as they do.

We also hear parents say that at our restaurant, kids enjoy exploring the menu as much as they do. Maybe it’s the Parisian vibe. Maybe it’s having lots of options that don’t talk down to them, but put them at ease. From picky palates to budding foodies, every young person can find something they like on our line-up. And don’t worry, grown-ups, it won’t break the bank.

Our regular lunch and dinner menus are romps through inspired bistro fare, so lots of kids order straight from them. Young friends love the steak-frîtes (it gives them a chance to practice their French) and the chicken avocado BLT with gooey melted Swiss cheese. Thinly cut fried catfish is a big winner, but the seafood-loving young set also likes the fresh Gulf fish served grilled, meuniere or amandine. Moms and dads, we’ve got tons of home-cooked sides, from succotash to smashed sweet potatoes, ensuring your crew eats their veggies. Our carrot soufflé is one of our most popular sides, but we’re not sure if you count that as a veggie or a dessert! One of the biggest surprises to us is how much kids love our blue cheese chips, even ones like Emelie’s who had no idea what blue cheese was before they sampled it.

We also feature some of our most popular items in smaller portions on the Kiddie Menu, a quality round-up that doesn’t read like your average kids’ menu. It includes the Bistro’s mouthwatering Pot Roast Creole – a big favorite – served with homestyle green beans and creamy mashed potatoes. Even the tiniest toddlers love it.